We are looking for employers in Europe who need workers from India.
We will select workers from India that match your vacancies.

A brief list of misconceptions of employers about workers from Muslim countries
They pray 5 times a day! When will they work?
For the record, a working week in Morocco is 5-6 working days, 8-10 working hours per day.
All Muslims are terrorists.
Having this fear, it is better to never get involved with Muslims. And no matter how many arguments I could bring, our offer is definitely not for you!
All Muslims seek only to escape to Europe and do not want to work.

Muslims are people just like any representatives of other religions. And they are also looking for the best wages, better working and living conditions, as well as Poles (Hungarians, Canadians) and others do. As well as the employer is looking for employees for whom they can pay less than the market value, and it is desirable that such an employee works as long as possible! And this is normal! We all are looking for the best for ourselves.
They do not know the language! How will they work ?!
Many Moroccan representatives know English! There is a practice when we find a Moroccan who knows the language the employer needs. He occupies the position of team leader and acts as a link between the employer and other foreign workers. There are options! Everything can be discussed.
A short list of how workers from Morocco may be of interest to the European employer
People from Morocco are ready to work for those wages that are offered by European employers. Unlike many Ukrainians and immigrants from post-Soviet countries, who are more and more unhappy and are looking for some special conditions and a high salary.
The labor market in Morocco is counted by millions!
The labor market in Morocco offers mostly unskilled workers, but there are also a fairly large number of qualified workers who can confirm their qualifications.
I need workers from Morocco
Who we are
We are the company from Ukraine, we have an officially registered company in Morocco and more than 10 representative offices there.

Recruitment is handled by the sales department, which is located in Ukraine, the city of Kharkov.

Representative offices in Morocco are there so that the client has the opportunity to come to the office and sign the official agreement with our company.

The main area of activity for 4 years was the recruitment of applicants from Morocco to study in Ukraine.

Since August 2019, a new direction has been opened: recruiting workers to Europe.

Representatives from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria work in our sales department, as well as in offices in Morocco, so we know quite a lot about workers from these countries!

We provide all the necessary documents upon request.

I need workers from Morocco
What is needed from me as an employer?
Willingness to work with workers from Morocco.
Available vacancies with a detailed description of the requirements for the candidate (gender, age, bad habits, supporting documents, availability of photos, videos of work, etc.), indicating a salary, work schedule, living conditions (photos from the place of work and living conditions will be a large plus).
A complete list of documents required to order an invitation, work permit, work contract, etc.
Preparation of all necessary documents that a candidate must provide to the embassy for a work visa (of course, except for the documents that the candidate must prepare himself). Transfer of these documents to our company.
What can you offer to me as for an employer?
From 50 to 70 people per month for simple jobs that do not require qualifications, and 15 to 20 workers for specialties requiring qualifications. The number of employees provided per month can be discussed, both to a lesser extent and to a greater extent.
The orderliness in the documents that the candidate prepares for the employer and the embassy.

Selection and support of the candidate from the first contact until arrival at the place of work.
I need workers from Morocco
Will religion not be a problem for Moroccans to work normally?
No, it will not!
How fast can workers arrive?
Depends on how quickly the employer will be able to prepare a package of documents for obtaining a visa. On average, it is 3 to 4 months.
Who pays for our services?
Our services are paid by the candidate.
How can they confirm their professionalism?
We usually ask the employer how to confirm the professionalism of the candidate. For example, we asked the welders to make a video where their work is visible.
Will employees have claims upon arrival (if the reality will not meet their expectations)?
Claims of workers is a normal state - they were, are and will be. For our part, we pass on to the candidate only the information that we receive from the employer.
Are you working on the recruitment of Ukrainians or workers from past Soviet Union countries?
No, we don't work with them.
Is it necessary to conclude an agreement with you?
It depends on the employer's needs, if necessary, we conclude an agreement.
How do you, being in Ukraine, work with Morocco?
We have a central office in Kharkov, Ukraine. We started by recruiting Moroccan applicants to study in Ukraine. We made advertisements via the Internet and processed applications online. With time, we opened an official company in Morocco.
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